Articles & News about Furnishings

Articles & News about Furnishings

DIY Wallpaper Really!

Applying wallpaper can be a daunting task! The process can be sticky, messy and downright irritating. Let’s not forget that within a couple of years, that lovely rooster design that was once the hottest trend won’t be so popular anymore. It’ll be time to begin the even more messy process of peeling off all that wallpaper to put up something new. Last year, I stumbled across a company at the High Point Furniture Market that created an amazing product that alleviates the headaches associated with both the application and removal of wallpaper. I’m just now getting around to blogging about them, but I have to say that they are still one of the neatest finds I’ve had lately!

Tempaper is a self-adhesive, “peel and stick” temporary wallpaper that eliminates the need for paste or water. Simply remove its backing, and adhere to a primed and painted surface! It’s that simple! To remove Tempaper, simply peel off! What’s amazing about this product is the selection of trendy designs and the ease of application. It’s absolutely perfect for dorm rooms, rental properties, or homeowners who update the look of their home frequently.

The most impressive product offered by Tempaper is Tempaper by You, a blank wall canvas for use with pens, pencils, markers, paint, crayons, or stickers. Its application is the same as other Tempaper products that have designs on them. Once applied, it can be completely and totally customized to your needs. For example, you can put up a wall of Tempaper by You in your kid’s room, and let them create their own magical kingdom by drawing a castle on their wall. When they outgrow that décor, simply peel off the wallpaper, and put up another blank canvas for them to decorate! It’s much easier than painting over a design that’s been drawn directly on the wall. Another great use for this blank wallpaper is for use in apartments or rental properties. Can’t paint your apartment without losing your deposit? A simple solution is to apply Tempaper by You to the walls you want to paint, paint the wallpaper, and when you move out, simply peel it off to reveal the original wall!

In the near future, Tempaper will be rolling out custom designs for Tempaper. You’ll have the ability to simply upload your design file, and they’ll print wallpaper that’s totally unique to your specifications! To learn more about Tempaper, see the designs, and even watch a demo video, click here.

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