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Articles & News about Furnishings

Using Reflection¨CHow to Make a Room Appear More Spacious

A lot of people today are choosing to remodel their homes instead of selling and moving to something bigger or more modern. If you long for more space, but just aren’t in the position to move or do an extensive remodel, here are some ways to make the rooms you have look more spacious.


Living Areas

If you don’t already have a large mirror hung on a wall in your main living area, then now is the time to add one. There are mirrors for every style and budget, and they are the quickest way to make a room appear larger. Try placing a large mirror on the wall opposite the largest window in the room; ideally, this will be over a seating group. Take down some pictures if you have to – it’s worth it to make a space for the mirror.

Pull the furniture away from the walls and arrange it at an angle. Don’t be afraid to remove a chair or extra table.  Then add a floor mirror in a corner to reflect the new grouping. Put a tree or large floor plant off to one side of the mirror – it will appear twice as large without taking up twice the space.

If you have a fireplace, put a mirror over it. Don’t worry if you’ve already hung a mirror on another wall. Mirrors on adjacent or opposite walls will further enhance the feeling of openness.

Dining Areas

A popular trick with designers is to mirror the wall next to the dining table. This works great in dining areas that are more or less niches or only have one wall and are little more than passages from one room to another.

If you have a server or buffet piece in your dining room, put a large mirror over it. If your server is particularly long, a grouping of 2-3 smaller mirrors works just as well and is less costly. Choose frameless mirrors with beveled edges if you’re concerned that multiple frames will make the wall look cluttered.



Remove small medicine cabinets or individual mirrors over the sinks and install a single large mirror over the entire bathroom vanity. Even better – mirror the entire wall space above the vanity – all the way up to the ceiling. You’ll really see the space open up if you are able to mirror one of the adjacent walls as well.

Got an inside bathroom with no window?  The previous suggestions will make the enclosed space feel larger. Go one step further and add a hanging plant and a plant on the counter, if you have the space. The mirrors will instantly double the size of your greenery. This trick of “bringing the outside in” will add a breath of fresh air to a small, dark bathroom.


This is a classic but it works – install mirrored closet doors. You’ll find mirrored sliding doors readily available in standard sizes and they can be installed fairly easily. If you have folding doors, you can transform them to mirrored doors with the help of mirrored tiles.

Borrow a trick from the living spaces and re-arrange your bedroom furniture. If you can remove something that no longer belongs, like the treadmill that’s been used as a clothes rack for the past 2 years, replace it with a floor mirror. It takes up less space and in addition to making the room seem larger, it will give you a place for a quick head-to-toe check before leaving.

Hanging a large mirror over your dresser works just as well here as large mirrors do in other rooms. Mirrors are neutral pieces – you absolutely do not have to match the mirror frame to the other wood tones in the room.  If your bedroom is exceptionally small and wall space is at a premium, hang long mirrors on the walls behind your nightstands. A lamp in front of the mirrors will do double-duty just like the illusions created from plants in front of mirrors.


Mirror the backs of shelving units. This can work in any room. If the units already have downlights, consider replacing solid shelves with glass shelves. The lights will shine down from the top all the way through the unit. Otherwise, rope lights are a great way to illuminate the shelves and enhance the reflections of the objects on them. This works best when you’re displaying collectibles and items of varying sizes, as opposed to row upon row of books.

Got an odd wall niche? Mirror the back of it!  If it’s a small niche, tuck some plants, statues or other collectibles on the shelf in front of the mirror. If it’s one of those extra-large niches left over from when builders though everyone was going to buy a rear-projection TV, you can still mirror the entire back wall of the niche. Be sure to fill the space with appropriately sized objects, like a tree, a wood-framed chair, a pedestal with a statue on the top and so on.

Try a little mirror magic  – you’ll be amazed at how your rooms will open up!

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